The Principle Architect of Divine Consciousness

In the beginning our planet burst into existence as a molten core. Eventually bubbling thermal oceans gave rise to mutating bacterium. Primordial Evolution began working in the realm of the gods. This was the dance of Earth Magic. Our planet became the manifested home of a creative spirit so profound within the universe it was an entire esoteric archetypal spectrum that required psychically activated intuition and telepathic and telekinetic transference.

Designed by the masters of the universe to serve the all knowing source of all energies we know as God. Awakening to the purpose of the result of energies dancing upon energies endlessly, we awaken to the celestial bodies and to their service of the eternal consciousness. In this dimension we are archetypally imprinted, free willed souls of divine consciousness in service to God. We are the navigators of an interstellar brainwave. When attempting to explain existence, ask "why?" and then you may experience god, but be prepared for a long journey stripping away all you may hold dear about truth or reality. "There is no gain without pain" said a new age sage. You will be tested time and time again and exposed to the antithesis to test your resolve. Your purpose is to rise again and again your willingness to be reborn in this moment and to be resurrected to the eternal dance of consciousness and spirit life for the grace of God.

We are the result of all elements inspired by god.

Created by creation to create !

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