In ancient times artists would depict man in many mythological forms. This served as an outlet for the growth of his spiritual principles. We began seeing man as a divine creature evolved beyond the animal state. In the history of Greek Mythology there are many stories and pictures of winged beings. The winged feet of Hermes, the myth of Icarus and many others. In religion Angels are depicted in the human form, with wings, in the glowing light of the afterlife. If we take an anthropological view we cannot incorporate a study of wings in the actual physical structure of mankind. However if we look to all of nature and ask ourselves ... What are the animals of nature that have wings? The answer is of course BIRDS.

On earth, birds are the animals that actually have wings. Imagine this... Early man, enraptured by the sight of these creatures flying in the air and in a moment of awakening vision, fused the wings of a bird onto a human form. Hence unleashing the myths of an unconcious dreamstate that led to the archetype of the angel.

In modern times wings symbolise freedom and peace (the dove) as well as flight. In the age of aviation and mechanical birds (aeroplanes) the mythological and spiritual significance of wings is entering a new age. It is with the mastery of the air that give wings their purpose and profundity. Wings assist the intellect to soar into the air of new worlds, new ideas, new beginnings. Wings are the global symbol of the spiritual life.

Now the era of BIRDMAN is born. A multi-media persona that represents the fusion of Birdlife and Mankind into a unique, informative and entertaining character for the world to enjoy. The angelic qualities of Birdman are manifest in the overall vibration of wings and their relationship to the human body. The result is "psychic wholeness" in the individual who can "piece together" the differing or conflicting parts of themselves and achieve the inner space that conditioning, ideology or repression block. An awakening to the truth of the human condition. Hence breaking free of unconcious dualities and fusing the animal self with that intangible higher divine self we call soul.

Soul is made of spirit. Spirit is to be found in the objective natural world as everything that is or is going to be and how. To ask Why? is to begin the dance. This is where we need wings! The significance of wings as the new age symbol of planetary altruism is intrinsic in the Birdman myth. The animal and the angel together in this body.

We must begin the quest of Human Angels. Imagine a time in the not too distant future when humans know how to create a better world and create a better world. I don't mean technology or infrastructure or even social services. I mean a social engineering of a different kind. Teaching the species about itself. The lessons of history are there for all to see. Civilisation is documented sufficiently to see that man has been cruel to fellow man. War has been the way man solves his problems. We are sick of this method. Sick to death (so to speak).

How do we make sure it is never an option again? By globally creating a new awakening. Through the symbol of wings and the Human Angel we can begin this profound understanding of what this new teaching is aiming to do. Save this planet from itself and continue the inner evolution of conciousness. One by one we must all understand this process as necessary. To begin the inner journey is the only way. Before we metaphorically "grow wings" we need to see the entire human life from a unique perspective of rational and cosmic spirituality that includes the profound awareness of self as the key to a new learning. This must include all human individuals in all societies and all religions.

When you grow wings, no one can be left out.

The creation is united.

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